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A sexual act of receiving oral sex and then unloading the ejaculation upon a girl's unsuspecting eye and then poking her in the eye with the falis. You must then make her keep her eye closed so that it works as an adhesive.
Sean: "Wow look at Courtney she can't open her eye"
Gonzo: "Ya that's because I pulled the jizzo on her last night"
by G Nizzle April 05, 2005
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A nasty lower class neighborhood in south Memphis, Tennessee in which the young African american gangs beat and sodomize the elderly as a pass-time.
My granddad went to the Jizzo last week, now his asshole is so swollen he cannot leave the hospital bed
by Jizzler214 December 28, 2011
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Slang term dialect for the male reproductive organ. (EG... penis, cock, johnson, mr. underwood.)
I whipped out my jizzo, and stuck it in her shit.
by Fine Cuban Cigar September 28, 2003
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