A highly loving & talented human being who loves A.R.M.Y & BTS with his whole heart. Hard working to the point of perfectionism, Jimin is a person who never fails to leave people speechless during performances. He is extremely considerate of others, aware of those around him and always there to provide support & encouragement. He has the greatest capacity for love and is exceptionally generous in showing it. He is empathetic to all, showing concern towards all life across the board. Sometimes Jimin can forget that even though those around him are precious, he is too.
Namjoon: Jimin needs a lot of love & attention.
by Opalina June 30, 2018
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god wasn't joking when he made this one. the cutest baby boy until he goes on stage.. he gets possessed by demons i swear. he’s not fat. jimin you are not fat. he’s one of the most beautiful human beings on planet earth. the third youngest member of the korean band BTS. a whole sweetheart.
by taeuony December 09, 2018
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Jimin is 23 years old. He is born on October 13th 1995. He is multitalanted and an amazing human being. He can make you smile even on your darkest days and likes to remind you of how much he loves you by little actions like posting more, chatting with army's and actually getting real and telling you how much he loves and appreciates how much he has. He is a very intelligent person who has very big biceps thighs thicker than my ass and abs more defined than the fucking dictionary its self. He will take over your life with his charm and make you addicted to him. He is like your own personal drug with no antidote or cure he is both cute and sexy at the same time with his cute smile and sunny yet dirty and secretive personality. Everything and everyone you love will be replaced with thoughts of him you will start to dream about meeting him and wake up in tears because you can't feel his touch which you crave so much it becomes unreal. You start to become addicted even more and he takes over your life officially being all you ever talk about, all you ever want and all you ever need. You will start to have dirty thoughts about him and cry even more because you need him, he has become like a life source for you, the only reason you need and want to live, the only person who makes you feel alive and like a person... He is the devil you can't neglect... He is Park Jimin the guy of your dreams but also your worst nightmare... love him if you dare...
Jimin has taken over my life
Jimin is an amazing human being
I want to be like Jimin

I need Jimin to live
by JungkooksWifeu January 23, 2019
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Jimin (Full name: Park Jimin) is a South Korean Singer and Dancer in the K-pop band, BTS. He is known for his powerful voice and dance moves, plus his sexy charisma, and cute and caring personality.
"Hey, do you know Jimin from BTS?"
by ShadowisLittle July 15, 2018
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A type of squishy. Squish. The softest and most adorably squishy human being out there deserving of all kinds of love.
Jimin is so squishy.
by Squishyjimin June 09, 2018
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One of the members of BTS. A boy that works really hard and always does his best. He is really hard in himself, too hard sometimes. An adorable but hot human being that will make you fall in love as soon as you see him. He is really talented, and amazing singer, dancer, and person. He deserves all the love, I love you so so much Jimin
Did you see Jimin performing serendipity last night?
Yes I did he is SO cute!
by OT7 ARMY May 25, 2019
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