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someone who acts and speaks “getto”, uneducated, careless ect. Tends to use ebonics when speaking and usually very expressive.
examples of someone speaking jiggabooish

who da hail is dat, my nigga?

she be up in my biz...

Oooh heil Nah, bitch
by SomedudeIknew February 18, 2014
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A person who acts and/or sounds uneducated, uses slang and ebonics a lot, usually very expressive using hand jesters. Usually participates in hip-hop and rap cutler. Jiggabooish people would rather fight instead of talking, reasoning or use any logic at all to deal with the situation or make excuses not to do something that would benefit themselves. They love making babies they can't afford or raise, because they know the government (welfare) got their backs. It is very close to the word (Ratchet), but (Ratchet) is more outward as a posse to jiggabooish witch is more inward. A (Ratchet) person may know how to speak, but not know or care how to dress.
A Jiggabooish person does not know how to speak, act or think.
Dee'Ondre: I'ma gon kill this nigga, for sleeping with the girl that I'm cheating on (who is 10 years younger than me) with my baby momma that has 3 of my kids who I don't even love!!!!

that's being jiggabooish

Shaniqua: AAH! hail na, this ratchet bitch, is wearing that outfit to the party?!?! I'mma gon home get somthin mo nasty than dat bitch and steal her man, (just because I think she thinks she is better than me). that's being jiggabooish

Latasha : "I has 3 kids with 3 different baby daddies, and I hate dim all, and still want another man to take care of me".
by SomedudeIknew March 02, 2014
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