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What jews do when the rest of the world celebrates christmas:

1. go to the movies
2. go to a chinese restaurant

why? these are the only places open!
Jewmas this year will be <i>Night of the Living Dead</i>, <i>Death Bed: The Bed That Eats</i>, <i>Bad Santa</i>, and then dinner at Hou Long.
by backfisch December 20, 2004
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When Jewish people celebrate Christmas for various reasons i.e. they like the feeling of the trees, presents, etc; they feel left out; or just because they want to celebrate Christmas in a nonreligious manner.
Sydney: Yeah, Jamie, I got Uggs for Jewmas!
Jamie: No way! I got a mac laptop!
Sydney: Whoa! I love Jewmas!
by jamiesayshi! December 25, 2009
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When Chanukah and Christmas overlap each other. Jewmas is the ultimate holdiay.
The next Jewmas will be in 2011 when one day of chanukah takes place on December 25th.
by AJ-16 December 11, 2009
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When a Jewish family or a single person of the Jewish faith celebrates Christmas, which is a Catholic-based holiday. They give and receive gifts and often times include Santa Claus (commonly referred to as "Saint Nick"). They also often do not respect the Jewish holidays occurring around the time, as these holidays bring less gifts and food as Christmas.
Dude, Josh is celebrating Jewmas again. What a Jew.
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