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Jewel dropping is a person that is looking to educate others, a mentor or leader. One who looks out for the younger ones coming up by educating or mentoring them before they make mistakes. This is someone that is a positive force in the community and is always looking out for the younger people. You can go to this person with any problem or idea and they will give you a logical answer. They are well respected for their knowledge and years of dedication to a specific area (fashion, community service, etc.)
That is one "Jewel Dropping" smart, educating, knows what she's talking about Mama, she always give good advice. That man is a Jewel Dropping Dog, he knows his stuff. I got big time respect for her, she be Jewel Dropping. Man, he a Jewel Dropping MOFO, you can ask him anything smart, fair, intelligent jewel dropping
by FAN161 May 10, 2017
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