The special power posessed only by Jews that enables them to identify Jews by looks or, at most, hearing them speak. It is imporant to note that non-Jews do not and cannot have this power, as many of them naively believe that all Jews are fair-skinned with huge noses and jew-fros. Only some of us are, shmucks.
You'd be surprised at how many Jews come in here.... my jewdar is off the charts.
by Jonathan January 18, 2004
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An ability to find the best bargains anywhere in the shopping vicinity. Based on the stereotypical, yet often held true by Jews, belief that Jews are cheap.
"Hey! My Jewdar is going off! This way to the dollar store!"
by jewcygirl March 18, 2006
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An innate or learned ability to detect and prevent an unfortunate situation, generally of a financial nature and in a dealing with a Jew, where one would be subjected to a bad deal, agreement, theft, or other form of loss.
Can you believe that kike was trying to pass that Rollex clone off as the real thing? He was even asking $1,000 for it. It is a good thing that my jewdar was working.
by Alpha Aquarius October 06, 2008
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