someone who has an extreme hatred for Jewish people.
Mel Gibson is a jew hater.
by DJ Meth Face August 01, 2006
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A person with a strong hatred for jewish people. Often found in rural small community schools, where jew hating is common and accepted by most
Jared "What are you doing after school?"
Smith "Im going to the jew hater convention, im hosting it this year"
Jared "Can I join you?"
by Jeff Milne November 06, 2007
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A piece of shit who has nothing better to blame for his own failures, so he blames Jews.
Person 1: Mel Gibson is such a fucking jew hater.
Person 2: Ya that fuck has to get a life.
by King of Jews October 12, 2008
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Weird, obnoxious folks who find it suitable to blame almost 100% of the world's problems on "them jews".
They don't realize that while, yes, many Jews do indeed fulfill the stereotype of "greedy penny pinchers" ( I should know, i'm a jew and i live around them), rich jews did not get there by smoking pot all day. The jewish people historically have placed a heavy emphasis on hard work and education. So maybe if you stop yapping all day and criticizing us, and spend some more time reading up on stocks, you might get somewhere?
Jews are a convenient scapegoat since so many are well off. But they're wealthy for a reason. Did you know that the founder of Google, Sergey Brin, is Jewish? He's a very charitable man too, although this is less known since he prefers a low profile.
Jew haters should also know that while rich jews may often be greedy, so are rich Indians, rich blacks, and hell just rich people in general. It's a problem of the rich and of human nature, not jews.
Liberal Jew haters: They tie any form of judaism with radical zionism. Tend not to realize that the vast majority of Jews in the U.S. are extremely secular and are often some of the most liberal people around to boot. Also most american jews have very little if any connection with Israel.
Conservative Jew haters: They in turn are more prone to despise liberal, secular jews, especially for their perceived influence on Hollywood and the media. I won't lie, this image is probably more accurate. But it's still unfair to insult an entire religion for the actions of a few.
Lastly, the amount of judeophobia on this dictionary, is, frankly, disgusting. Just look up some of the definitions for "jew" or "jews" if you're skeptical of this.
by Submitters of Words July 06, 2011
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A person who has hatred for those who rip other people off. Similar to a player hater.
Person One: "Hey, do you want to go sell this bag of oregano and say that it is marijuana?"

Person Two: "Yeah. Good idea. I'm flat broke. Should we take Stan with us?"

Person One: "No way. He's a total Jew Hater. He'd rat us out."
by Alpha Aquarius October 06, 2008
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Individuals who hate and blame persons of the Jewish ethnicity due to their own failures and insecurity.
Bob: The reason I cant get a Job is because all the Jews own them, they also own all the money in the world and dont share.
Todd: Don't Jews only make up 0.1% of the population?
Bob: ya but Im telling you there everywhere
Todd: lets be jew haters whenever things dont go our way
Bob: ya lets make up more reasons to hate them not based on facts
by Steve18553 September 21, 2009
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