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a synonym for holy shit,oh shit!etc.

an interjection used for when your surprised.

Shouldn't be used if christian cause it is considered using his name in vain, but i do it anyways it is awesome.(i am christian)

Jesus balls! that thing is sweet!

Jesus balls! i love ice cream!
by chris_2191 January 30, 2008
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A Jesusball is like a ghetto version of a speedball, though the two are qualitatively different, and one isn't meant to be seen as inferior to the other. Jesusballs come out of San Francisco culture and are comprised of DXM and Safrole (nutmeg). To properly do one, you'd first take a medium dose of nutmeg (say 12.5g) and wait four hours. Then, you'd do a medium dose of DXM (say 300mg). This time schedule ensures a very pleasurable, distinct trip that's intense yet manageable.

It's important to capitalize the word out of respect for Jesus, a crazy tripper who would've done this out in the desert if he'd only had the chance.
"Scarlett, if church is really boring you that much just do a jesusball beforehand ;-)"
by Allen James February 22, 2009
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Two spheres with a close gap between them, mounted at the base of the tower of a broadcast AM transmitter.

One ball is connected to the tower, the other one to earth ground.
In case of lighting, an electrical arc forms across the gap, routing the lightning to earth and saving the transmitter equipment.
Called "Jesus Balls" because if you touch them "you see Jesus" (i.e.: you can die).
If you don't want to see Jesus today, stay away from the "Jesus balls" over there.
by DavideAndrea July 04, 2013
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