A short cute guy usually not attractive to other people which is a good thing if you have a crush on this guy he's hella funny he's cute he's short πŸ˜‰ he has dark brown or black hair and whenever he plays with it he just makes girls fall more in love 😍 he has the most AMAZING personality once you get to know him you might start getting feelings for this wonderful amazing guy he has dark brown eyes that just shine in the sun he loves to play video games and also VERY good at playing them too ANYONE would be lucky to have jeovany as a friend or even luckier to date him
Girl 1: I think I like this guy

Girl 2: who?

Girl 1: jeovany

Girl 2: yup he's a real good one πŸ˜‰
by I hope this describes you! February 18, 2019
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