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Jenali will light up your whole day. She will never fail to make you laugh. Her eyes and bright smile will brighten your whole day. She is one of the realist people you will meet she is not fake or two faced. Jenali dislikes fake people and two faced people. So be careful she has a bad side if you get on her bad side it will be like a horror movie. In relationships she wants your love and attention the most. Jenali is very loyal so don't mess up. she is very pretty and isn't confident about herself. She asks for little but she really deserves so much more then she asks for. Her main goals in life is to get somewhere and not fail. She puts everybody before her self. Jenali will talk to anyone as long as you respect her. Jenali is very polite and respectful. Jenali is one of the coolest people you will ever meet. She is super smart and all she wants to do is help . Jenali has a personality anyone would die for. She has many haters but that doesn't effect her. She can be very hyper and crazy at times. The last people you want to mess with is Jenali's squad because if you do you have another thing coming.
"Did you see how flawless Jenali looks today?"
"Jenali will brighten you day"
by basketballboy42547 June 07, 2018
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