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jelli is slang for 'Jealous'
OMG im so jelli of him cuz he's got a six-pack and all the wenches on campus.
by jenou April 10, 2007
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a girl who is 'bare buff ting',beautiful, young and sexy. Only a small minority girls will ever be jellis.
man dat girl is jellis.
by Gaz ting January 16, 2006
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The act of being completely jealous but attempting to seem nonchalant.
"GUYS my bff has a new cell phone and I DON'T! I need to steal her boyfriend to get her back!"

"Girl, stop being jealous of her."

"I'm NOT jealous! I want her to be happy with her cell phone, but she doesn't deserve a nice phone AND a bf!"

"OMG, jellis!"
by caittails March 16, 2009
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