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To use extacy, LSD and mushrooms at the same time.
Jedi flipping requires a lot of mind control and should not be attempted by many.

Holy fuck, that hippy is trippin some mad balls
by Mubupt October 23, 2006
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The experience of taking Ecstasy, Mushrooms, and Acid all at once and feeling their effects. Similar to Candyflip (Ecstasy and Acid) and Hippieflip (Mushrooms and E), but much more extreme.
Dude, last night was so fucked, I jediflipped for hours and it left me feeling really quacked out.
by steview0nd3r5k March 04, 2010
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When you go over the handlebars of your bike and land square of your feet.
After Dwight hit that mud his front wheel lodged and he pulled of an awesome Jedi Flip
by Buckfast Monk January 12, 2016
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The act of consuming magic mushrooms and LSD at the same time, producing rather potent effects.
"Hey I just picked up some boomers and doses, lets jedi flip and experience the power of the force"
by hyinthesky February 17, 2012
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