A woman of unsurpassed beauty, intelligence, charm and grace.
When I look in Jeanine's eyes, adrenaline shoots through my veins and my heart pounds in my chest.
by youknowwho020311 February 03, 2011
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A jeanine is a crazy sexy girl who is not afraid to take charge and make changes. She is pretty much an all around amazing person with an incredibly likeable personality. People love to befriend or just be around a jeanine.
Boy1- you know jeanine?
Boy2- oh yeah, that hott girl that everyone loves?
Boy1- haha, that's the one.
by blah1blah2blah3 February 03, 2010
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To be tripping but you’re really not tripping you’re semi tripping.
Amari: “I stole your pencil.”
Key: “You jeanin!”
by PrxnceKey December 24, 2018
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2 teens dry humping on the couch in their parents basement. The friction may or may not cause smoke.

The region of origin is rural Nebraska
For Bob and Sue, jeanin' became a frequent occurrence
by Uncle Ralph March 03, 2018
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A term used for a young girl with a good sense of fashion. When it comes to denim, she can fill it in!
I wish i had a jeanine to fit in my Apple Bottoms!
by qtips queen August 16, 2008
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girl with nice curly or wavy hair. styled with bottles of aerosol hairspray.
Come on jeanine! fix your fluff and lets go already!
by Julie Ceasar Dominique August 16, 2008
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Jeanine is a beautiful and hot person but ones you get to know her
Shes an out going person who loves her friends.she is the kind of girl who
Every man needs to be with and if she's fat during her childhood.
Wait ti'll she turns 18
Patrick: Jeanine shes funny...i love her
Ethan:does she love you?
Patrick: i dont know...maybe??
Ethan: I hate to say but i like her too.but you deserve her.
Patrick: *saw jeanine* DID YOU HEAR US
Patrick:well the truth is ...
Jeanine:its ok i like you too
Ethan: i like youre bestfriend jeanine
Pia:WHO ME??
Jeanine:were late for class
Patrick:ok see ya!!!
by Qwertyuiopatrickasdfhjkl January 09, 2019
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