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California Prison slang for a mentally Ill person. Shortened from Catagory "J" (Meaning Mental Patient/Inmate) to Jcat.
That guy down the tier talking to himself is a jcat!
by CJ Smith May 16, 2006
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(Prison/Jail Term) Any person who is mentally unstable or requires psyche drugs to maintain.
That fool over there talking to himself, walking like a chicken is a J Cat.
by Wood Dawger October 02, 2005
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Otherwise known as "Category J" in the California Penal Code, it refers to an inmate deemed too mentally unstable to remain in General Population.
"Motherfucker went J Cat on someone in the yard; now he's in ADSEG."
by J. Knox April 22, 2008
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a person who doesn't know how to act in jail (when in jail)
These new bitches in are tank are straight j-cats.
That fool keeps cattin off.
by Maguire Corrections October 11, 2010
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J-CAT is an word now used in street slang that originated in the U.S. Federal and State prison systems as an acrynym with stood for J-Category inmates or J-CAT which is s housing unit for sex offenders. Most inmates detest sex offenders and do not associate with them. The word J-CAT became synonymous with someone you did not like, someone you thought was shadey or someone who was acting gay. The word then bleed into the streets from the prisons by released inmates. Over time the definition has broadened but the core of the word remains, it always indicates a negative feeling. J-CAT can also be used when someone is trying to duck, dodge or avoid someone, or someone who is consistently flaking and selling wolf tickets. In this scenario it is often shorten as in "Nigga where you been? "You been cattin off on me.. Whatchu scared of my nigga? Hit me back!" J-CAT is also used to describe a dope feen, some one who is now different, weird after ecsesive drug use.
Breh, that nigga Marcus he coo n shit but ever since that nigga ate dem shrooms, that nigga been acting like a straight J-Cat. Real Talk
by imastr8gee May 31, 2015
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