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a person who is very much into jazz music and the jazz scene
Joe just lectured me on buying John Coltrane's greatest hits, maintaining that his to really take in his music, I must embrace his entire discography. Boy is he a cocky fucking jazzhead.
by deadheadrik December 26, 2009
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Fuckheads that listen to jazz all the time and insult others who don't share their exact same music taste. The only other genre of music they may consider is classical. The most idiotic jazzheads may even listen to rap, but it's the awful kind that have acts such as Insane Clown Posse. They despise rock because they think that it's less sophisticated than jazz since typical rock songs emphasize beats one and three while jazz emphasizes beats two and four. Terrible logic if you ask me. Simply put, jazzheads are to jazz as metalheads are to metal: closed-minded, annoying douchebags. Stay away from them at all costs.
Guy #1: Hey have you heard the Between the Buried and Me song "White Walls"? That song is the pinnacle of progressive metal.

Guy #2: Yeah that song is incredible. It amazes me how they can incorporate so many ideas into one song and still make it flow extremely well.

Guy #1: I know what you mean. Also, the guitar solo at the end is amazing and the piano outro is simply breathtaking.

Guy #2: Agreed. Flawless end to a flawless album.

Jazzhead: hey wut u talkin about fags?

Guy #1: A progressive metal epic entitled "White Walls."

Jazzhead: progressive metal? wut is that shit!? u hav such a bad taste in musik u dont even deserve 2 live. rock sucks ass jazz is where its at!

Guy #1: Are you serious? Between the Buried and Me is an incredibly talented band that even incorporate jazz influences in their music.

Jazzhead: talent? ur hilarious! rock takes no talent its just idiots that play on beats 1 n 3. jazz emphasizes 2 n 4.

Guy #1: Who gives a shit about what beats they emphasize? Either way, Between the Buried and Me play in very complex time signatures most of the time so they rarely emphasize those beats.

Jazzhead: so wut rock still sucks

Guy #1: You probably never even heard good rock. All you hear is pop on the radio.

Jazzhead: no ive heard rock it sucks ass

Guy #1: Well then you're nothing but a dumbass jazzhead. Go kill yourself.
by Aesthetic9 October 28, 2009
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A general term for a person. Can be used if someone is being retarded, or is just a moron. Mostly used in a friendly way, as it isn't really that offensive a phrase.

Can be shortened to 'jazz', or changed to 'jazzron' if you prefer.
'Morgan, you're a total and utter jazzhead.'
by Callum G December 04, 2006
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