1. Exibits the characteristics of a homosexual.

-You just pulled an ellazies!

-You're spelling like an ellazies!

- That shirt is jaytee.
by Anonymous February 17, 2003
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Aflicted with being a dipwad wanna be player that thinks their own shit smells good. Leaves a wake of broken hearts and a trail of STD's. Beware of flattering conversation and pointed smiles. Commitment and marriage repel it.
That dude is Jayteed. Stay away from him, you might catch something.
by Ursodum May 24, 2009
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1. the status of being sad, a pathetic abo who finds pleasure out of gay sex
2. A man who dedicates his life to being a fag. See synonyms at fag.
Could you stop being a jaytee its irritating me
by kay232 August 4, 2006
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Stubborn, never accepts change or POVs and hoards his fucking sheckles. Chronic stoner and masturbator. Gets no bitches.
Person 1: Jaytee flaked out on us tonight.
Person 2: I know, he probably shoved his bong up his ass and can't get it out.
by ClumpyBals January 9, 2023
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