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He is a very attractive male, that is nice as fuck and likes to help people and make them happy. Everyone loves him and he loves everyone.
i would do jayro
by dude6969dude October 26, 2011
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A very shy and quit guy. Hes one of a kind though. Hes a fuck boy. Whenever it comes to friend though hes there for them. Loves his girlfirends until he gets bored of them. Is very dreamy at times. Is an amzaing friend brother shooter and lots more . Hes a real keeper and knows when someone need him. Knows how to make someones day just by being htere by thier sides. Is really good t dancing and making people laugh. Gosh if you ever meet a Jayor you better keep him
Wow Jayro is a real good friend and dance he made my day by just being in my life
by blesses24/7 May 28, 2018
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Likes going out with other people's girlfriends (Chantal), thinks he has more sense than everyone else, and thinks he's the only one with problems and that people should care when he has has an attitude.He's a follower and a dork!
He thinks everything he says makes sense and actually he's not always right, that's way he gon' get his ass beat!
by Foxworth July 01, 2004
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