GIrl: omg i LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS!!, nick is just soo dreamyy <3

Girl 2:*gags*pukes*gags* EWWW, the jay gays ruined music.
by twinbffl May 13, 2009
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1. An improvised expletive phrase pertaining to a stupid, lame, disappointing, or outrageous situation, person, or object.

Sometimes spelled Budu-Jay-Gay
This noob on Call of Duty ruined my perfectly good kill streak, that's freakin' Budu-Jay-Gay bro!

I can't believe you left me at soccer practice in the rain! You're a Booty-Jay-Gay dad!
by LeslieSocks June 7, 2019
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Is a very lazy and horny bastard that will either try to dry hump you, twerk on you and do all sorts of horny shit on your face .
by Unc13ar pr0f11e July 11, 2019
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Gayiest of the gay. Power to manhandle any dick size with an extreme passion. Ability to seize any cum at sight.
Jay the gay, King of the cum , conquerer of cocks
by Casablanca Poker September 13, 2017
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Pretty boy man-bitch that spends more time making himself look pretty than a women and paints his nails. A person that acts like a fourteen year old girl.
yo quit acting like a gay jay.
by blackone September 16, 2005
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Refers to someone who goes to Creighton University, as they’re know for being happy all the time and having a large homosexual population. Is also used as an insult occasionally.
I can’t believe Henry and Sandy are going to creighton next year! They’re going to be two proud gay jays!
by SandyLG February 10, 2022
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To be spyed apon by a 'Gay Jay' while taking a poo.
Gay Jay with John. The term used when you take a poo and then finding out that a 'gay jay'( refer to 'gay jay' for terminology) was hiding in the bushes watching.
by Kanogga January 25, 2011
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