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1.Veronica’s batshit crazy yet amazing boyfriend in the movie “Heathers” is also referred to as the original JD.
2.A man who would do almost anything for the one they love.
1. Person 1:”Jason dean? Who’s that?”
person 2 “Don’t you know who’s Jason dean?! He’s the one that tried to blow up our damn school!”
2.guy: “babe don’t worry, I’ll go Jason dean on their ass!”
by Jade Harley 😜 January 3, 2018
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Person 1: "Who is jason dean?"
Person 2: "The hottest man in Heathers!!!!"
by homoalex May 28, 2022
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The 2nd lead in both the movie and the musical, "Heathers".
If you haven't watched either, you have to! NOT RIVERDALE, ILLEGAL HEATHERS OR THE TV SHOW
He's an absolute psychopath but also so freaking hot, I'd let him "Ride my motorbike" If you catch my drift.
Also referred to as JD
Veronica- "OMG the other day Jason Dean bought this hat for my cat isn't it so cuteeeee"
Random Guy- "He tried to kill me the other day because I stepped on your shoe"
Veronica- "Sorry lol, our love is god"
by cosmicscrying April 8, 2022
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Jason Deane Cross is a legend with a massive penis who attracts so much pussy he is drowning in the juice. He is a super straight man who only likes sexy females.
He is such a Jason Deane Cross
by Hammerheadcross March 23, 2021
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