She a wonderful human being and she gotta a fat ass and she gets what she wants she beautiful but she doesn’t kno it she hurt and she has lots of friends and she became popular at every school she went to people hate on her a lot but she don’t give a fuck she can fight she is crazy if she starts crying and walking slowly towards u run Bc she going to find a way to kill u and don’t ply with her emotions she’s a freak turn her on and u won’t regret it 😍😍😍💯💯💯💯💯💯 get u a Janyla I’m telling you she’s a must have and she a keeper
Damn yo I just got with this chick name Janyla she such a freak and that booty on her is amazing her personality is amazing I just lover her so much bro getcha one 😍💯

Bro have u seen the new girl Janyla

Bro 2 and 3: wait Janyla is new then how she got all them friends lemme go talk to her 😍

Bro 1 : Naw she mines nigga gtfo both of y’all can find y’all a hoe or sum 💯
by I keep it real 💯💯 November 26, 2018
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