the coolest bitch in the world was born and if someone else was born in your year JANUARY 1ST IS OLDER BABY , if your born january 1st ur cooler than all your friends
shit they’re born january 1st that means they’re really cool i wish i could be them
by smartest kid on the block October 18, 2019
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the day the best man on this earth qian kun was born
holy shit it’s january 1st, the day qian kun was born”
by yutagay October 16, 2019
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BITCH WE HELPED RAISE THESE KIDS TO TF we helped this kids do sum things they do up till today.(sister)A sister is a woman or girl who shares one or more parents with another individual. january 1
by Ashlaya December 21, 2020
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January 1 is the Day of the GODs if you were born on January in a few years your a genius, everybody thinks your hot and tall
If your were born on January 1 your a true Genius
by JUANDA 99999999^99999999 IQ November 3, 2019
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Well it’s New Years! Time to get a good start. Be yourself 90% for the whole day! Be open (INCLUDING YOU QUIET PEOPLE)
Friend: why is she acting so cute and clumsy today?
Friend 2: well it’s January 1st....
by Bobbie :) December 18, 2019
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National kiss your girlfriend day. Tell her that you love her more than she knows. Go cuddle. Watch the office on Netflix with her.
Friend: Do you know what day it is!!!

Me: No what day is it?!
Friend: it’s January 1! National kiss your girlfriend day!!
by Gokissheryoustupidboy!!! December 29, 2020
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