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Arcronym for Joint Army Navy Fuck-Up
See also: SNAFU, FUBAR, and Clusterfuck
This was no ordinary SNAFU. By the time the Navy planes arrived, to make it a full fledged JANFU, they army had FUBARed the situation, and unholy Clusterfuck seemed likely
by Wilson Weaver July 06, 2004
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Joint Army-Navy Fuck-Up

When the combined force of the Army and the Navy fuck up a mission.

Playing off of the term JOC (Joint Operation Command)

NCO Reporting to command - "Sir, although we misdirected that fire mission, the destroyer DID fire the shell! I'd say this was a JANFU "
by tehBeau January 12, 2006
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Military accronym during the second World War. Joint Army Navy Fuck Up.
by Pete October 12, 2003
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