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A girl who is delusional to the point of believing her own lies. Crazy and uneducated, she turns things around to make it seem as if everyone is attacking her when in fact she is the one attacking everyone else. A poor mother and wife, she portrays to the outside world as if she is wonderful and benevolent, as well as blissfully happy in her life while it's obvious by the hatred and venom she spews that she isn't. Stay away, this type of person is toxic not only to herself but everyone around and may seem to be friendly but is in all actuality planning your demise!!
"I'm glad Courtney Love got away from being such a jamoo. She's much cooler now."

"I don't think we can be friends anymore, you're too much of a jamoo!"
by HappyChick2000 May 16, 2013
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A jamoo is a slime making, meme loving, star stable playing girl. She loves her friends and will always make everyone happy around her before she makes herself happy. She is known by one girl as her best friend and loves her a lot. Her friends also say "kakke, drink more bleach and eat tide pods!"
"Jamoo get online please Betch"
by SozMate May 05, 2018
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A slime making, sso playing, meme watching, friend spamming girl. She is normally kawaii and has one best friend that she sometimes blue ticks but loves. She is crazy and doesnt like Borris *wink*... She also loves "kthxbai"
Jamoo when you come online??

by SozMate February 19, 2018
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