A Tourist Destination in the State of Jammu & Kashmir, India
Famous for shree Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine.

Seasons :- Summer (May - September)
Winter (Dec - March)

Temp:- 10-45 oC
wow! its Great to be here... everything here is juss like that of in jammu. so much holy.
by Sandy123 October 7, 2005
an Indian territory located in northern India between laddakh & pakistan.
It includes :jammu region , kashmir valley & POK (POJK).
Jammu and kashmir was haven on earth until pakistan came.
by भगवा June 20, 2021
A childish man with 2 left feet and a questionable sense of style. Can be found on the dancefloor flopping around. Also has a side job at a German school, when he's not busy embarrassing his friends.
Man 1: Look at that dude on the dance floor, such a Jammu!
Man 2: I'm so embarrassed if he'd be my friend
by Stigidilaatio November 23, 2021