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A total self absorbed nub; has no life to speak of outside of the internet.
jammno is king of the intarweb!
by ROFLSAUCE March 11, 2005
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A total creepy fuck, whose ideas on love and relationships border on psychotic at best. His teeth are rotted stumps, he has never touched a girl, and his idea of a fancy restaurant is one where you spend $12 dollars. He posted of a World of Warcraft board asking for advice on how to get a girlfriend in exchange for WoW money.

"1k gold? You got it. 2k? Sure. 3k? I'll farm days on end until I can pay you. Want real life money? No problem."

His only requirement for a girlfriend is that they cut off all contact with friends and family, because doing otherwise would not be showing total devotion to him. This includes business and professional relationships with the opposite sex, as evidenced by his stating that he would leave his World of Warcraft guild when he gets a girlfriend, because talking to the female members ingame would constitute cheating.

Jammno also believes that to date someone is to show them love, and to date someone without loving them utterly is "cheater's talk".
Jammno killed his girlfriend after she talked to a male doctor, the cheating whore.
by MorgaineDax November 20, 2005
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A video game legend. The greatest gamer ever to live.
Did you guys see Jammno win the world cyber games?
by Annonymous December 24, 2003
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The world renowned champion of the popular Mortal Kombat fighting game series as of 6/14/04.
Wow! jammno barely defeated JOP in the MK 2004 finals!
by jammno October 12, 2004
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