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Jamerican: A conjunction of Jamaican American, (or North American- depending on perspective); first coined and made popular by the Brooklyn based rap group “Born Jamericans” signifying their Jamaican parenting and American birth and upbringing. Since then it has evolved to include a delineation of Jamaican and American combinations. All of which are designed to reflect American distinction rooted in Jamaican pride and culture. The delineations can be identified in the following levels:

LEVEL ONE: Born on the island of Jamaica, partially or predominately raised on the island, then migrated abroad; have become acclimated and comfortable with a number of American cultural commonalities, (like street food); may now only have an accent; and are proud of the strives that they have made abroad, but will retire “A Yard” – “Da Yah Long Time”

LEVEL TWO: Is the largest and most inclusive population. (This level is the driving force that keeps the loving spirit of Jamaica international). May be born on the island of Jamaica but predominantly raised abroad OR born abroad but of Jamaican lineage (this may be one or more parents) and raised with a strong Jamaican hand (literally);usually speak regional English with out any accent, but can certainly speak “patois” and may turn the dialect on and off depending on company and conversation; the type of patois that they speak is prone to very American specific phraseologies – this may be referred to as “twingy twa”(a term coined in a song), familiar in usage to the Latino version of “spanglish” ; this population is often reminded that: “the migration to this country is a privilege”, “education is the key”, “what ever you do, make it your best”, ex: good, better, best, never, let it rest; till your good becomes better, and your better is your BEST”; - “Com fi tek ova”

LEVEL THREE: This population feels very close to level two – however they may have encountered a more distant Jamaican parental influence (such as an absentee parent, a grand parent, uncle, aunt or Gaudee); these parental figures, however faded they may be, have installed the love for our small island in their hearts; they understand patios but the twingy twa is embracing, (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery) – “wen una talk it sweet wi”

LEVEL FOUR: No Jamaican lineage whatsoever, however raised among Jamaicans OR just utterly infatuated by them; quite familiar with the sound of patios but can’t speak it at all!; love the island, has visited many times or wishes to visit, may use a few choice phrases incorrectly, attempt to live vicariously as a Level One and sometimes gets carried away in the role play; totally embraces the culture; hopes to be re-incarnated as a Jamaican with money; may often be referred to as “Ja- Fakin”, We Luv You!!, Una ful a joke; just don gi wi bad name! (Miss Cleo).
Some examples of Jamericans are:

Level I - Everyone's old school Jamaican Parents/Grand parents

Level II- A large host of stars and icons

Level III - You know one

Level IV - Everybody else!!
by Sharon Denton October 23, 2006
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jamerican , taken from a early group of young reggae artist from New York with Jamaican parents.
by rudebwai March 12, 2005
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A person who is born in either in Jamaica or America to Jamaican parents, and are raised as a Jamaican child in America.
Chevelle is born in Jamaica and has lived in America since she was 5 years old, but is still raised as a Jamaican child; she would consider herself a Jamerican
by chevybabii August 26, 2009
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Man #1: What race are you? I'm African.

Man# 2: Well I'm what you would call a Jamerican. 'Cause my race is Jamaican but I was born in South Carolina
by Emblack May 07, 2006
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