Jambi the Genie. A character played by John Paragon first in the early 80's Groundlings stage version of the Pee-wee Herman Show, and later on the CBS Saturday morning kids' show Pee-wee's Playhouse. Jambi wore a red turban, blue (sometimes green) face makeup, read lipstick and occasionally a gold earring in his right ear. He would grant Pee-wee one wish per day, by reciting the chant: "Mekka Lekka Hi Mekka Hiney Ho!" followed by: "The wise is granted. Long live Jambi."
Jambi: Then repeat after me, in the ancient language of "Jambese". Mekka Lekka Hi Mekka Hiney Ho.

Pee-wee: Mekka Lekka Hi Mekka Hiney Ho.

Jambi: Mekka Lekka Hi Mekka Jonny Ho.

Pee-wee: Mekka Lekka Hi Mekka Jonny Ho.

Jambi: Molla Mekka Holla Molla Hey!

Pee-wee: Molly Mekka Holla Mekka.... (mumbles)

Jambi: The wish is granted. Long live Jambi.

Pee-wee: Thanks Jambi!
by Jack Tobin September 29, 2007
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The second song on the Tool cd "10,000 days".
The guitar part in Jambi is sick.
by Floyd Everwood June 29, 2006
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The second song from the Tool cd 10,000 days.
The guitar part on Jambi is fucking sick.
by Floyd Everwood June 28, 2006
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All mighty floating head.
Also Brian from family guy.
Hey Jambi!
Common/only usage of the word
by PsYc November 5, 2004
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A "jamby" is a character of unquestionable success; good looking, quick-witted, business savy and quite often rolling in monies. A jamby's natural habitat is either the sports field surrounded by adoring fans or behing a mahogany desk signing a multi-million dollar contract. A jamby can be seen as the opposite of a bugaloo/buga who has no basis for their inflated sense of self-importance. Jambys don't live in a fantasy world their success exudes in everything they do.

However, the jamby's passion which guides his/her success can also make him/her susceptible to spectacular falls from grace or acts of unbridled ruthlessness. You never can be sure what a jamby is thinking and this makes them dangerous.
"He's no buga he's straight-up jamby"

"I'm not sure about this lawyer he seems a bit jamby"
by Chames88 July 30, 2008
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Jambi is a province of Indonesia located on the east coast of central Sumatra, which contains a city also named Jambi, located at 1‹35ŒS 103‹37ŒE.

The population of the province Jambi is 2,407,000
by num_shadow November 29, 2006
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A jambie is a name given for a small female creature. A Jambie is a hopeless romantic who loves being inlove. She can only love one person at a time, so the person who she falls inlove with will get all her time, attention and devotion. A jambie is very loyal, she never wants the attention of other men and only has eyes for her one true love. When inlove a jambie will love you for infinity. No matter the distance and obstacles that stand between her and her lover, a jambie will always hope for a happy fairytale-ending. A jambie will do absolutely anything for her man, She will bake him muffins and brownies and give him massages after a long days work. No one will love you like a jambie will. Jambie's are very rare, at the moment only one is known to exist, but it is said that she has apparently already found her man. A tall, strong, handsome gentleman named munchkin who is indeed worthy of all the love that jambie gives to him. If you are ever lucky enough to find jambie, marry her and never let her go.
by Jambie September 29, 2014
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