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A jambie is a name given for a small female creature. A Jambie is a hopeless romantic who loves being inlove. She can only love one person at a time, so the person who she falls inlove with will get all her time, attention and devotion. A jambie is very loyal, she never wants the attention of other men and only has eyes for her one true love. When inlove a jambie will love you for infinity. No matter the distance and obstacles that stand between her and her lover, a jambie will always hope for a happy fairytale-ending. A jambie will do absolutely anything for her man, She will bake him muffins and brownies and give him massages after a long days work. No one will love you like a jambie will. Jambie's are very rare, at the moment only one is known to exist, but it is said that she has apparently already found her man. A tall, strong, handsome gentleman named munchkin who is indeed worthy of all the love that jambie gives to him. If you are ever lucky enough to find jambie, marry her and never let her go.
by Jambie September 29, 2014
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