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a place where you apparently control the action
some guy: hey im going to jamberoo.
another dude: oh mad, thats where you control the action!
by some mad lad May 13, 2008
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A place famously known for 'where you control the action', that is the Jamberoo recreation park not the town, Jamberoo is actually a hole, with hills all around it often fills up with water. Most people living in Jamberoo are related, your next door neighbour is often your cousin and you have had kids with one of your other cousins. People from Jamberoo often have people say to them 'take your cow shit back to jamberhole' as people from Jamberoo are known for pretty much living in cow shit.
you mean Jamberoo? the place where your neighbour is your cousin and wife
by theStig23 March 05, 2011
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Another word used for "pajamas" for a mother to use when being playful getting ready for bed
Better get your jamberoos on before 8pm, so we can make popcorn.
by CharmingGal December 16, 2016
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