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Pretty, Smart, any girl you would ever want to meet. She's a fricken cute girl and isn't afraid to say anything embarrassing. She loves love and can't wait to seak it one day.
I'm lucky to have a lovable Jakyra in my life!
by Blazel8765456876 May 18, 2016
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Jakyra is a cute girl and isn’t afraid to say what she gatta say.She is a player and all the boys a want her.She will drag a bitch ass if she is disrespected or someone is disrespecting her freinds .Jakyra acts like she doesn’t care about your felling but she actually does.Jakyra is so popular you are lucky to have a Jakyra in your life.
by Dayluv.kyra November 10, 2018
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The ugliest bitch u will ever see. No one likes her and she will never have any friends.
by Dhsvxbdhskxnn October 04, 2016
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