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a smarty-pants, someone who is always right.
a jahnvi is an amazing friend, and is always there to cheer you up with adorable little frog drawings. jahnvi's are obsessed with the color green and tend to bribe people with grape jolly ranchers. in some way or another, jahnvis are ALWAYS right, and even though their brain may take a little vacation every now and then, they will forever remain a smarty-pants.
She is such a jahnvi.
by the turtledove November 12, 2006
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A girl that's completely full of herself. Spends most of her time yapping away about herself to others. Her favourite thing to do is brag and show off 24/7. Don't forget that a Jahnvi will always always always say things that are of no interest to the other person. As you someone spend more and more time around a Jahnvi, you will slowly start to hate her guts and have the sudden urge to rip your own hair off while screaming " NO ONE F***IN CARES!!!" at the top of your lungs. It should be noted that you must try your best to stay away from a Jahnvi or else you'll be wasting precious seconds, minutes, hours etc of your life.
*jahnvi walks in* Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
Person 1: Yo, who's that annoying girl who won't shut up, i'm literally dying here.

Person 2: Oh that's just Jahnvi, i know how you feel. Been through that, i advise you to walk away or ignore.

*Jahnvi walks in the classroom and starts talking about crap that no one cares about*

Person 1: EVERYONE!! Run for your lives!! Don't get caught in her trap. She is here to suck the life out of you forever! RUNNNN!!!
Everyone else: AAHHHHHH!!!
by funnyone21 September 30, 2013
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