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A free spirit. She loves to make everyone smile and is a natural leader. Her smile usually makes you feel loved and she makes you feel happy beyond words. She's the best friend everyone desires and would do anything for her friends. If you're her partner, she'll love you like no one else ever did.
Jahaun is the best person alive in the universe.
Person #1: Jahaun is so nice it's unbelievable.
Person #2: I wanna be just like her some day :).
by The_Nice_Friend_ March 14, 2017
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He is a nice guy but is extra he always wants the spotlight and wants to be first. He is athletic and a very amazing guy once he realizes who his friends are he becomes more caring. He isn’t that attractive but his personality makes up for his looks.
Girl 1: Jahaun asked me out

Girl 2: be careful he’s a flirt
by Heydays October 29, 2018
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She's unique in her own way. She's kind. Beautiful. Smart. A true treasure. She'll never leave your side no matter what. She loves everyone that loves her back and swims oceans for those that matter for her. She might get hurt from time to time but she only gets back up stronger. I love my friend Jahaun cause she truly is a inspiring person I never wanna lose❤
I love how sweet and caring Jahaun is
by The_Nice_Friend_ April 19, 2018
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