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A wonderful, amazing girl. that is irreplaceable. If you've in countered Jadan then you'll never meet another one. 1-in a million. She loves music. && falls in love easily.
Person 1: you have a girlfriend right?!
Person 2: yeah. But I love someone else.
Person 2: who?!
Person1: Jadan. I will never be over her
by Birdistheword51 November 17, 2013
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A nice and awesome guy he is the only friend you need and you wont regret meeting him. he wont upset you and he is the sweetest kind of guy you'll meet.
i think Jadan is sweet
by jajtyjsjtjajfgt January 26, 2018
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A ugly guy, usually homosexual, very unathletic. Acts like he something. Talks trash behind people’s back. Scared to talk to their face.
I wish that Jadan would say it to my face.
by Isaiah Arlington May 05, 2018
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