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jackin is another word for stealing.
Example can be found on Ice Cube's Jackin for beats.
by trock March 07, 2005
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1. to connect to a system via wire or ethernet

2. to log in to a website or computer
When I try to jack-in I get an error.
by DrZin July 13, 2003
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A chicago style of dancing to house music.
"Yo, check out dude Jackin his body to this music"!!
by Matt December 12, 2003
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-Whats up tho.Where u comin from?
-Shit,gotdamnit.Jst got thru jackin.
-Eh gotta get it how ya live.

Girl:Ugh.Cant stand that btch.Always talkin that shit.
Instigator:Hell,gone get the jackin wit her then.

*If u evr seen Next Friday...When Craig was in the bthrm. Pops was like "Craig.Off yo ass and on yo feet.Aint no time to "beat yo meat"."Yeah.Thats called jackin.
by U herr me May 04, 2008
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