A sock used for the purposes of masturbation, often found hardened and flaking, stuffed down the side of the bed in a teenage boy's room. Also the unfortunate name of a US professional tennis player.

Not to be confused with jock sack, a Scotsman's ball bag.
by Jon Salat November 12, 2017
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a female member of a group of friends who is often used buy the male members as a way of releasing sexual frustrations and frequently tossed aside after like a sock after a load has been shot into it
dave: dude, i just saw you grab karen's ass. do you guys have a thing?
greg: naw, we haven't even done anything. she's just the designated jack-off sock.
by NotASock March 26, 2010
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When a lonely man masturbates ( to the point of orgasm ) into a sock
Dude , I've gone through 4 pairs of socks , just by sock jacking
by MeowChammerpants October 26, 2013
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v: The art of jacking off into a used sweat sock; usually used by dorm guys, teenage males, single guys and husbands - so, pretty much 'every' guy.
Cleanups are a breeze when you use jack-in-the-socks!
by warmbrother May 24, 2015
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