Jack Roller: in nineteenth and early Twentieth Century America a Jack Roller was a guy who hung around the skid row sections of big cities and robbed those unwise enough to get visibly drunk by beating them up and stealing their valuables. He "rolled drunks," and was called a Jack Roller. A Jack Roller's crime is also called, "Strong-arm robbery." Jack Roller is an old term still used on San Francisco's and Seattle's waterfront.
"He's a low-life," the bouncer said to the bartender in a waterfront saloon. "He's a jack roller. He beat up an old guy pretty bad last week, just to steal a couple of dollars from him."
by Jay Magoo January 2, 2012
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A lumber jack riding along on roller blades chopping down trees with an axe
Dude, we went roller jacking last night and got paid mad stacks for the lumber.
by Roller jacking Mike November 30, 2013
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