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A j-rocker (or jrocker) is a member of a Japanese rock band. (i.e- Kyo of Dir en grey, Ken of L'Arc-en-Ciel, etc)
See J-rock
Some people say that Gackt is a j-rocker, yet he is not.
by SoyQueen September 21, 2005
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A J-rocker is a person who listens to Japanese Rock, it isnt very big in some countries but is huge in Germany. J-Rocker scene isnt also that big in United Kingdom there are only small minorities.

The whole J-rock/Visual Kei scene is about looking good aswell as the music. Visual Kei and J-rock are linked in with one another.

J-rockers as the minority; usually dress with extravagent hair colours and all different clothes, usually males show there feminine side.
Scott: Im a J-rocker!
John: a emo...

J-rockers are way cooler....
by Aruzo June 07, 2007
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