Short for "easy". Was coined by izimagic for his nickname who is a funny, talented French-Spanish Street Performer
His performance is izi, it means that it is for everybody
by smilingsun August 5, 2008
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Slang term used to shorten is it?
used by many teenagers and is usually a rhetorical question because they dont expect you to answer.
"omg i hate you your a bitch"

"just shut up izi?"
by art_051 September 5, 2008
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Person: Who's that person who just burst through that solid brick wall on the back of a velociraptor?

Other person:Oh, that's just Izy.
by Battails November 24, 2013
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Dark brown eyes dark brown hair really sweet loves her friends.A true theater kid she loves to act. And she really appreciates her friends that inspire her to be kind and do good
Lucas:izy is in that show thingy

Waylon:oh that's cool .hope she doesn't mess up
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your so izy
by iyyjtd December 10, 2019
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Has a fire middle part
Pulls mad girls
Shortest out of all the homies
Soccer nerd
Damn Izy is such a vibe

I wish I was Izy
by Pravballs May 5, 2021
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