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Build consisting of 4 Warrior/Rangers, 2 Ranger/Mesmer Trappers, 1 Necromancer/Monk Orders/Heal Party, 1 Necromancer/Elementalist Tainted Flesh/Wells.

A relatively simple build that is used 24/7 in American districts to "farm" fame which in turn gives you a higher rank. It is successful because there isn't much need for coordination, all that is required is dead pets with IWAY and the skill tigers fury. The tatic is to build up adrenaline so Eviscerate and Executioners strike can be unleashed together delivering huge spike damage to a target while dropping a number of spirits to hinder monks and hex casters.

The backbone of this build is the spirits
1 Warrior/Ranger brings a lvl 8 edge of extinction - a main spirit which can severly cripple a team
1 Warrior/Ranger brings predetory season - reduces healing by 20% and heals you for 5 points of health everytime you hit in melee
1 Warrior/Ranger brings Sprint - Used to run relics/ghostly hero
1 Warrior/Ranger brings Revive Animal or Second edge of extinction, usually edge of extinction sometimes sprint
1 Ranger/Mesmer brings natures renewal - makes all enchants used double degen (<) such as <<45 instead of <30 and enchantment spells and hexes take twice a slong to cast (Some people bring Oath Shot with Natures Renewal so it can always be up)
1 Ranger/Mesmer Brings winnow - additional 4 damage dealt in melee
The Tainted/Wells necromancer brings maelstorm, winbornspeed, tainted flesh and wells (some bring meteor shower)
The Orders/Heal Party spams Order of the Vampire which steals X amount of health when you hit in melee, Order Pain adds X amount of damage to melee, Healing seed/Heal party for ghostly and any other member about to die

This build is basically hated by half of guild wars players and played 24/7 in Tombs by the other half, it is frown apon by rank 9s who say they "earned" their rank 9 through balanced builds or spikes and many criticize it for being a "noob" build and continue to flame it in Observer chat or Tombs district's chats, about 90% of the people who say that either lose to IWAY teams or just sick of seeing iway ran 24/7 in american districts. Many people beg for a nerf, but technically it is just a build like ranger spike being just a "build", it isnt exploiting anything or "cheating" such as spirit spam which Marvel Superheroes used to do (You dont see them winning HoH anymore do ya ;) )

One famous Guild known to run IWAY in GvG and be ranked 36 is the guild MATH (Your Math Teacher), they are all ranked 9+ players that win the HoH daily and also hated by half maybe more of the guild wars players
Tomb of the Primeval Kings (American District 1)

Player 1: Starting rank 6 Iway
Player 3: Starting ranked 3 iway
Player 4: Iway warrior LF ranked 3 Iway
by all i know is iway January 07, 2006
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Interview with a Youtuber. A collab show hosted by Domingo0022 who collaborates with other Youtubers to form a community. He asks each person 10 questions and add various effects to each video. Interviews, but better.
I IWAYED Thunderbirds101
by Domingo0022 May 19, 2010
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Acronym for the use of 'I will avenge you' in Guild Wars PvP. It is unchallenging and an overpowerful tactic employed by those who have no self-respect.
Why haven't Arena Net nerfed IWAY yet
by jo stalin November 06, 2005
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A really gay build run by nubs who suck at Guild Wars and think their deer/wolf/tiger means they are good at the game.

Member of Te) So I'm playing in the tournament for gold capes Saturday.

Nub 1)lol nub im rank 7 i pwn u.

Member of Te) Iway doesn't make you great.

Nub 1) lol nub im rank 7.
by Lews October 18, 2006
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