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It directly mean In This Thread
ITT definitions of itt
by ss gif January 19, 2008
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The "te" form of the Japanese verb "iku," or to go. Iku is a ru verb, so in order to conjugate it to its te form, you must take the base (which would be "i," in this case), and add a "tte" (って) onto it. Typically verbs that end with a "ku" sound get an ite (いて) added onto the base, but iku is the only exception to this rule.

With kanji, it's written as "行って".
Examples of the verb itte (行って = went/go):


I went to the supermarket and bought food.


Please go to school.


I went to the office this morning.
by DisgustingWeebs December 12, 2016
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I think that...
ITT I'm wrong compared to popular opinion but I'll post this definition anyway.
by Markavian May 19, 2009
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i'd tap that...if you don't know what that means i'm surprised.
erica - oh..ITT
caileigh - what?
erica - i'd tap that
caileigh - alright thennn ericaaa.
by ITT May 28, 2008
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