the answer from a jeep owner to a non-jeep owner when asked by the non-jeep owner why there is a tight emotional bond between two jeep owners that excludes other car owners.
Person 1: "Why did you just wave at that guy in the jeep?"
Person 2: "it's a jeep thing; you wouldn't understand." Smirks to himself
by GDDPHD February 21, 2015
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When two jeeps pass on the road the drivers wave at each other. This may be a full blown wave or a simple raising of the fingers from the steering wheel. It's similar to the same practice when two motor cycles meet. It's only done with jeep models cj,yj or tj
While driving in your jeep you wave at another jeep as it passes. Your passanger say's. Who was that. You reply I don't know. They ask why you waved and you reply. It's a jeep thing.
by tommyp August 18, 2005
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The go to statement Jeep owners use when they can't provide an explanation for their shoddy modifications, constant mechanical failures, lack of driving ability, etc... A truly misguided "they hate us because they ain't us" mentality.
Jeep lifts left front wheel off ground making a right turn into the parking lot.

Guy: "You ever thought of attaching your sway bar links when you're just driving around? You look like you're gonna roll every time you turn.'

Jeep Owner: "It's a Jeep thing, you probably wouldn't understand."
by DCShred96 May 18, 2020
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the STD of the offroad world because
the most common offroading vehicle is a Jeep
iv got your Jeep Thing now it hurts when i pee
by xjcowboy March 5, 2012
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1. Propaganda put forth by the Jeep company to give their cars appeal. With that smarmy fucking smily face on the back.
2. Jeep things include:
(1) poor gas mileage
(2) easy rolling (for that fun, hospital feeling)
(3) general inferiority to Toyota products.
Guy: My new jeep crapped out on me the other day...
Guy 2: What? You've never even driven that thing hard! Must be a jeep thing...
Guy: Yeah. I just don't understand.
by The great definer April 17, 2005
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