that means "I should trust Garry"
John: you’re so right istg

Paula: what does istg mean?
John:I means "i should trust garry"
by flower garden July 6, 2021
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Jim : I ate your leftovers in the fridge 😛
Chloe: Istg if you did ill kill you!
by barbz 😍😛😋 February 1, 2021
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Bro istg if you don’t stop hitting me I’ll knock you u out.
by 4oarh November 3, 2020
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*What Does ISTG Mean?*

In internet chatting and text messaging, the acronym “istg” means the phrase “I swear to God.”

The use of acronyms is a popular way to communicate in text messages and online conversations. One of the well-known acronyms used today is “istg” or “ISTG.” Below you will find all the information possible about this acronym, including its meaning, information on its origin and other possible meanings if there are any that exist. You will also see the acronym “istg” used in a conversation properly so you will know how to use it for yourself and you will find some suggestions regarding alternative ways you can say “istg” and still convey the same meaning.

Origin of ISTG

The phrase “I swear to God” has been used for hundreds of years and is taken from the Old English word “swear” which means an oath. The phrase translates to an oath or promise to God, which is not to be taken lightly for fear that the person saying it would go to hell if they were lying. The phrase was carried over to chatting and texting when they grew in popularity and shortened to the acronym “ISTG” for convenience.
Example Conversations
A text conversation between two friends.

Friend 1: I am going to tell Greg that you like him tomorrow.
Friend 2: No! Bethany, please do not do that!
Friend 1: Why not? I am pretty sure he likes you too. What is the problem?
Friend 2: ISTG! If you tell him I will never talk to you again!
Friend 1: Ugh! Fine!
by Azumii Alii September 16, 2021
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Person1: What does ISTG mean?
SmartySkittlethatssus: “I swear to god
by S0mEone ; Dad June 2, 2022
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