A very naturally beautiful girl. ista's are almost always right when it comes to any situation. ista's usually have dark brown or black hair. they tan very easy, and rarely have conflicts with other people. ista's get along with every clique in school.
wow, do you see that new girl getting along with all those different cliques?

yeah, she is such an ista!
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A person who likes to think of themselves as fashionable by trying to justify wearing mass-consumption clothing like Abercrombie & Fitch by saying the products are "well made" and "comfy", when on the inside they die a little every time they see 20 other girls wearing the same exact, boring shirt.
So I told Jackie and her crew, I can easily afford a $20 shirt from Abercrombie & Fitch, I just have actual taste, individuality, and a sense of self, unlike you abercromb-ista's.
by elleloves June 10, 2009
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name given to terrorists and deceivers of the law. if u ever catch one lacking dont hesitate to drag them to jahannam and back. love my istas out there
“is that Ista
No that is your typical muzzie
by pieckbot July 6, 2021
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Always there for you,kind,funny and heartwarming, always up for anything, never judges you or your choices, has a bit of a temper but also very sensitive, loves animals and doesn't really care what people thinks of them, As far as type goes they like guys that can put them in their place since they're stubborn. Get you a Shaa-ista in your life it's worth it, your day will never be boring
Friend: I did something bad

Shaa-ista: it's okay,I'm sure it was a mistake and you had a reason
by Batman'sBitch November 22, 2021
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