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A Character From The Anime/Game Dangan Ronpa

Otherwise Known As Kiyotaka Ishimaru The Super Highschool Level Hall Montior

(Or The Hard Ass With Those Who Are Familar With The Abridged)

Status Of Life:Dead
Cause Of Death:Got Whacked In The Head With A Hammer

Who Killed Him:Technically Hifumi Yamada But Celestia Ludenburg Or Taeko Yaushiro Was Practically Responsible
Togami:There has to be a corpse found announcement
Naegi:Corpse found announcement
Togami:When three people find a corpse Monokuma makes an announcement yoh were passed out when the first one happened
Togami:Ishimaru go get the others
by Byakuya Togami March 12, 2016
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