The "heavy duty" evil twin to the famous pro-golf player.
Nobody wants to caddy for Tiger Irons, since all of his clubs are super-weighty metal-headed drivers --- no sissy wimpy "tree-fiber" drivers for HIM, thank you very much!
by QuacksO May 18, 2019
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A very small but a very hard penis.
"Eh, I guess I can ride that it's a tiny iron."
by Quandale jigglenut June 24, 2022
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Muscle and flexibility gained from playing Wii
Eddie - Jake has gained muscle lately
Bill - He plays Wii all the time...
Eddie - Yeah, He must have some Serious Wii Iron
by Jake Ballou August 24, 2008
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Something you call somebody when they won’t stop fucking waffling on about dumb shit
stop being such a waffle iron
by Eggsalad69 May 15, 2020
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Someone who supposedly is a brave/strong person with "nerves and/or abs of steel", but who in reality totally wimps out and merely makes vague and indefinite remarks/excuses (i.e., "waffles") whenever a situation arises for him to actually assist/defend/protect someone or do anything else of any real use/effectiveness, especially in cases where his acting/intervening would risk offending others who are "important" to either him or others close to him.
Frustrated child: Anytime my parents are away, I'm always told to ask my Uncle John anytime I need help/advice with anything or to settle any disputes I may have with others, but he usually either claims to be too tired/busy or just smiles amusedly at my tearful complaining tirades and pretends not to understand what my problem is. What a waffle-iron!
by QuacksO June 9, 2018
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Someone who likes hearing themselves talk. These people will waffle on and on about things they know nothing about. See also: gobshite
Did you hear Jimmy talking about the game? What an absolute waffle iron.
by November 9, 2020
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