generally adorned by a hipster
an ugly mustache grown initially as a joke and to impress one's friends with the level of commitment necessary to maintain it. these mustaches often remain with the wearer far longer than they are funny and become a part of the person's "look".
Jameson: Dude...Steve looks pretty gross these days. I don't think he's washed his denim jacket in a long time and his hair is awful!
Marc: No doubt, and his ironic mustache really isn't helping.
by bad daddy schlong September 27, 2007
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Currently sported by the Hipster, the Ironic Mustache resembles that of a Wild West Bartender. Large and long, it starts out thick then tapers down to curled, pointy, rounded, waxed tips. The Ironic Mustache can stand alone or be accompanied by a burly beard. Look for one, they're currently all around you...
Yuppie- "Hey, what's up with that dude over there with the crazy mustache?"

Yuppie's friend- "Oh that's a Hipster and that's actually called an Ironic Mustache!"

See great examples of an Ironic Mustache in the Hipster video "Hipster The Get Down" now on YouTube.
by Brian Thoryk January 28, 2013
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