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Naval academy phrase used to describe a dating scenario in which a midshipman is sleeping with three different women at one time:
1) In the Walls (a girl in the Naval Academy)
2) Over the Walls (a girl located in Annapolis or nearby, but not in the Naval Academy)
3) Back Home (in the midshipman's home town)
Now that Frank is fucking that townee, he's completed his Iron Triangle!
by Midshipman X November 09, 2007
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specifically used at the service academies:

In the hall: a dub (or if you'd rather refer to her as "your dub", nonetheless still a dub); slayer material

Over the wall: a girl in town and/or girl at a neighboring college

On Call: back home, who you really only talk to via facebook/text when leave periods or long weekends are approaching, or by phone (only if absolutely necessary). usually GP (guaranteed pussy).
"dude, i have achieved nirvana, i met this girl in town last weekend and she is now the third leg of my 'iron triangle'... now i have to get working on my dirty thirty and golden seven."
by Midshipmen XXX February 18, 2009
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A Basic sexual assault move. The Iron Triangle is done by having intercourse with a woman and then punching her in both the breasts and in the face thus, forming the Iron Triangle. The order of punches don't matter as long as a trifecta is formed.
Guy 1: So what did you eat last night?

Guy 2: Well.. my girl wouldn't microwave me a hotpocket last night.

Guy 1: Word, What did you eat then?

Guy 2: A Hot Pocket. I had to give her an Iron Triangle to show her whats up.

Guy 1: Nice
by SwagChefAdrian October 21, 2012
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a sex/gangbang position where 3 males form a triangle around a woman, put a blindfold over her eyes, spin her around and start to fuck each of her glory holes in a triangle formation
fuck!, i love geometry lessons

we made that bitch scream in that iron triangle
by Massive Cummer June 21, 2009
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