Iris is the most beautiful prettiest girl. She has the most colorful coat. She is the bestest girl kitty ever.
Iris the cat is the prettiest girl.
by ArchKnight2 June 3, 2022
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A person, who is actually a YouTuber/TikToker with big plans for Coachella and retainer sponsorships. Although they seem to have a resting 'dead' face, they're actually the nicest person and super hard-working!
That girl has questionable taste in guys... probably an Iris V.

Of course she's an Iris V, she's going to be famous one day!
by butterflyincocoon November 20, 2020
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A aggressive LG who swears and tries to fight everyone. If you bet $1 when she says "Fuck you" "mate" "dawg" you would be a millionaire. DO NOT TRY TO MESS WITH HER SHE BITES.
Man, that Iris Wang is so aggressive, heard she spat water on Tony other day.
by Bingwongwillabong November 22, 2021
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irys is the kind of person who's dreamy, always in their own head. irys is understanding, kind, soft spoken, smart and pretty. they have much more qualities that they fail to recognize.
person a: i'm going out with irys today.
person b: oh.. you're so lucky, bet they're a cool person, i wish i could hang out with irys.
by aosdoi November 21, 2021
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The state of having your ire (anger, agitation) provoked
Why not help instead of getting all iry about those who don’t?
by DharmaD March 2, 2019
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Having two shades of one color in one, but still showing a distinct difference.
I have a dual iris, the outer color is a light green and the inner is a dark green.
by SVH April 15, 2008
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when you take your great aunt off life support to save a little on the electricity bill.

then using that outlet to show off your sweet new microwave you got from Walmart in the clearance section
yeah, unfortunately our christmas budget was so tight this year we had to pull a dirty iris. otherwise we wouldnt be able to go to the equestrian lessons aunt melinda wanted
by Dkskdkrkekdkrkr August 5, 2022
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