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A quiet person irl who tends to be obnoxious and loud while online.
person 1: Katy posts statuses all day on fb but doesn't say anything in person!

person 2: Yep, typical intervert.
by sc508 December 24, 2011
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In unprinted demagogue and sensationalist in covers of coveted webpages, he's displayed, but not displaced as a courageous intervert.
by Hercolena Oliver May 26, 2008
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There the people who reference he Internet a lot. I mean A FRICKIN' LOT. They will dab. Randomly throw you a comeback when you say something that doesn't really offend them. Reference Jack or Logan Paul. Say get rekt. Sing everyday bro and more things douches would do...
Guy 1: This water is really dirty...
Douche 1: Almost as dirty as your mum!
Douche 2: Ohhh, get rekt!!!!

Douche 1: *dabs*


Guy 1 : I just got COD WW2
Random Douche: Well, I did a 360 fuckboi nosering McCarty no scope, OHHH GET REKT SO MLG!!!


Douche on X Factor: I'm gonna sing... "Everyday Bro"

Simon Cowell: GET OF THE STAGE
Guy 1: That guy is such a Intervert
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by NightingalePandaThing November 10, 2017
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