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Internet Bitches have been around since the internet has been a normal at home technology. They are bitches that hate their lives and usually join subcultures such as Goths, Punks, and other bitchy groups. They are to afraid to raise their voice at school to those who they hate. So they go on the internet and bitch to other internet bitches, who in turn read each others complaints. Internet Bitches are essentially wusses who believe that raising their voice over the internet and crying with other Internet Bitches is an act of bravery. Internet Bitches often think themselves smarter, or greater than the people the complain about.
"Dear Blog,
Today some asshole wiggers were making fun of me, I was about to say something, but realized that I was late for my chatroom meeting with my internet friends"

See internet,bitch, goth, punk

a perfect example of an Internet Bitch is actually a person from my school, though i don't know who it is. Springfield Township High School In this definition they whine and complain because no one likes them.
by anon March 10, 2005
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A person who lives a miserable life in school and goes home and cries and then tries to act tough on the internet, or complains on the internet. Goths are often internet bitches because they are losers in their schools, so they create crappy art and sad poetry show it over the internet. Internet bitches are often people who threaten to kick other peoples asses in forums or chatrooms, obviously knowing that they will most likely never see the person they are threatening. They sad version of them often have blogs filled with artwork or just boring entries about their sad lives. A more minor form of an internet bitch is someone who simply attempts to gain internet popularity in forums by arguing with people. They often try to act extremely smart by finding minor spelling and grammar mistakes.
"Look at that internet bitch, she goes home, slits her wrists and then spends her weekends on the internet"

See this complaining Internet Bitch, who is whining about his or her school Springfield Township High School.
by Jon Smithy July 17, 2005
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Slutty girls that are too ugly to pick up dudes in real life. So they hang out online and post up pics of just their face....or just their tits....just not the whole package. They creep on unsuspecting dudes that are just trying to jack off to internet porn, but get reeled into having an internet bitch come over and give him a mouthy. But when they show up, and the guy is like WTF the girl is like "SUCKA, I know you've got a hard on!" They tell these guys how hot they are and how good they are at sucking dicks but really they've only really practiced on their older sisters dildo or vibrator!
Oh God, I hope that girl coming over tonight isn't some fugly internet bitch, she has big tits according to her FB profile pic, but it doesn't give a good enough view of her entire body.
by Shralpy McGnar Gnar December 15, 2010
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1: Noun: A female that is in a bad mood (or on her period) and therefore making tons of bitchy comments on statuses or links. This is usually regreted by her the next day, but can last for weeks at a time.

2: Noun: A person who makes an opinionated status, but later revises or revokes it alltogether because of another person's comments.
Example 1: Jane Doe Status: "Wow, I saw this girl at the mall today, and she should NOT have been wearing such a tight top... Just sayin..."
Internet Bitch: "Wow, that is so mean! How do you know she doesn't have a medical condition that makes her that way?? Geez! People like you are the reason young girls kill themselves!!!"
Other Person: "Wow, you're such an internet bitch."

Example 2: John Doe Status: "Hahaha, Dane Cook is soooo funny! I wanna buy his DVDs! LMAO!"
Jessica: "Are you serious? How old are you? He is such a gross pervert. You should grow up a little..."
John Doe: "Yeah, I guess you're right... I mean, I guess he's not THAT funny. I should just watch Jeff Dunham from now on."
by Miss Beena March 11, 2010
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Someone who was spanked or humiliated in an online debate (especially over politics or religion) and who now follows the person that embarrassed them from thread to thread, posting about them, instead of the topic of the threads. When a person has an IB the polite thing to do is "Name" them after a breed of dog.
Bob: You destroyed Simms123 in that debate yesterday!

John: Yeah, now he's my internet bitch. He's posted about me in four different threads today.

Bob: What are you gonna name him?
John: Well he's an angry little bitch that's all bark and no muscle. So I went with Chihuahua.
Bob: Good choice. It suits him.
by Mongo1313 November 03, 2014
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